From the earliest age Penny was able to chat to “other folk” and took this to be the norm.  A daydreamer and loner her passion was – and still is – animals and all things eco-orientated.

Today she has completed Animal Communication courses, as well as Numerology, Reiki, Crystal Healing and Channelling.

Her garden, which is completely organic, is her passion and her sanctuary and many of the herbs she uses in her teas are grown there. The divas are near and dear to her and through them she became interested in Angels and now communicates with these celestial beings and offers readings for those who feel they would like to know more.

Penny offers spiritual counselling with love, compassion and humour and is delighted to be able to assist people to understand their path.

Feedback from Clients:

Penny the Pixie! Penny, through her amazing connection with the spiritual realms and insight gets to the root of any and all issues directly. Her readings are a fun exploration of all sorts of tools, techniques and information. There is no beating around the bush with Penny, she communicates directly with compassion and love but also a sprinkling of her wicked humour. A reading with Penny is like visiting a magic garden, which of course she does have, but the reading itself takes you on a magic path to get to know You! You are guided to recognise the beautiful flowers and plants, the tall silent trees, the tinkling waterfalls, the fairy folk, the healing herbs and of course the odd prickly thorn bush, but it is a wonderful opportunity to learn so much about yourself and your own spiritual journey. Let Penny inspire you today….it is a magical journey!  ~ Noeleen

Your guidance has always been exciting and fun especially when I was not even aware that I needed a prod in the "right" direction! Through your laughter at some stages in my life which I found exasperating, I have learnt to step back and see what "they" see and to try and laugh at the situation myself! You are always direct and honest (sometimes brutally so); but that is another thing I love because there is no doubt then that I need to stop playing games and get on with the greater good.  ~ Alarice

"My reading and experiences with Penny has made given me focus and direction in my search for peace and calm.... direction in my spiritual and life purpose..... Thank you for all your guidance and clarity in my life......
Love & Light" ~ Usha

"Penny employs a wonderfully effective combination of intuitive and structured methods to offer readings which are always delivered with great insight and sensitivity. Her skilful use of tarot and numerology combined with her natural channelling ability allows her to advise and counsel with genuine relevance to one's life situation."

When the student is ready the teacher will appear… And what a great teacher you have been. I have known Penny for a very long time now. What a blessing to have someone like her to walk with me on my path. Penny’s readings are always inspiring and if anything very grounding and real. Her readings have always left me with my eyes wide open and my feet set firmly on the ground. Her advice and messages are such great tools for the road ahead. What a gentle and wise lady. So uplifting and enriching. She and her work seem to also have the greatest timing too, you will always hear and receive exactly what you need to at that time. So if you ready for an enchanting experience, Penny is just the person for you. She has defiantly been for me.  ~ Briley

When I think of words that could possibly explain what Penny's work means to me I find that I cannot separate who she is from what she does as they are one and the same. She is awesome & conducts everything she does with dignity, integrity & deep honesty. The honesty can be a bit of a shocker but is intertwined with equal doses of humour & empathy. My life would be very much poorer without who Penny is & what she does.  Thank you!



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