Aura Soma

"You are the colours you choose"

Your choice of Equilibrium bottles is the key to the Aura-Soma Colour System Consultation. The consultation always begins with the invitation to choose the four Equilibrium colour combinations that most attract you in that moment.

During the consultation that follows you will gain insight into your current situation and the larger pattern of your life story. The four bottles collectively offer an overall theme for the consultation, as well as a past, a present and a future of that theme. It is simple yet profoundly effective.

At the end of the consultation you will identify the Aura-Soma colour products that will be most beneficial for you to apply in the following weeks. The consultation sows the seeds of insight into your situation, but it is in working with the energy of the Aura-Soma colours you select that the information may be absorbed and integrated into your everyday experience.

All in all an Aura-Soma consultation is a chance to see your life from a new perspective. The Equilibrium colour combinations provide a medium for the inner you to express itself and touch the underlying themes of your life in a way that goes beyond language.

R1000 for a 60 90 minute consultation and your equilibrium bottle

Mirror to the soul.... Glittering, dual-coloured combinations that contain the energies of colour, plants and crystals.

Please contact Nicole for an appointment and visit her website for more details.

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