Intuitive Crystal Healer

Nicole is an Intuitive Crystal Healer who works with a loving gentleness and always in extreme ethical integrity.

Like most who love the natural gifts from the Earth, Nicole cherishes each crystal she uses not only for their beauty, but for their limitless healing powers.

In each session you can expect to feel lovingly supported, relaxed, transformed and inspired. Through the placement of healing stones and gems Nicole takes you on a gentle journey into a peaceful relaxed state, which nourishes your body, mind and soul.

Each crystal holds unique qualities which are conducive to healing specific ailments and when placed on and around the energy centres of the physical body.

Healing is channelled via the crystal into the client to assist in alleviating the symptoms of disease. 

The technique used is 'laying-on-of-stones' which relates to specific crystals being layed on and around a persons body to assist in the healing process.

Meditations and positive affirmations are shared with the client to assist ongoing wellbeing.

It is important to note that sometimes more than one session is required in order for significant healing to be experienced.

Please contact Nicole for an appointment and visit her website for more details.

Nicole Intuitive Crystal Healer

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