Dyan Wallace
Modalities: Andean Shamanic Practices, Reiki Master & Practitioner, Metaphysics, Crystal Healing.

Email: dyanwallace@hotmail.com  and Cell 083-640-6127

We are all intergrated beings and should be treated as such. Yet so many suffer a disconnect between all the bodies (spiritual, mental, emotional and physical), usually with the mind playing ringleader. I want to help you connect the dots!

Andean Shamanic Practices. The shamanic path has been a major catalyst to my healing and expansion. It's gentle, nature based practices have supported and held me through shifts and intergration. I offer shamanic healing work and ceremony, to assist and support you on your journey, with humility and love.

Reiki. As a healing modality, reiki is relaxing,supportive and healing on many levels . As a learning modality, if you allow it to, it enriches, empowers and opens you up to yourself. Reiki teaches discipline but is not rigid, it teaches you how to channel energy through yourself for the benefit of all and self. Not a day goes by that I do not apply what I have learnt. 

Mataphysics-Fast, simple, empowering, inclusive and powerful! These words express how I feel about metaphysics, as a client. I now, with great humility and excitement, offer these services to you as a practioner! A magnificent opportunity for growth. Please enquire further as the metaphysical field is vast!

Crystal Healing, Affording gentle support and a loving embrace to you on your path of healing and enlightment. The crystal kingdom has much to say and give, all they ask of you is to open your heart and listen!



" I was privileged to have a meta session with Dyan. Prior to having the session I was unable to sleep, concentrate on my daily activities, was feeling depressed, extremely sad and very confused. My anxiety levels were ridiculous. Dyan gently, yet extremely powerfully, got to the core of the issue during the session. She assisted me in accurately identifying the route cause and dissolving it immediately. For the first time in months I had clarity and peace of mind. My anxiety had cleared, my depression and sadness lifted. I am in deep gratitude for her love and guidance." 

~ Barbara Ann


“I was never a believer of crystals, chakras and meditation, until I found myself in a place of my life where I had no alternative but to try crystal healing and meditation, in order for me to move on to the next spiritual phase in my adult life .  Dyan offered to do an Inner child healing. She believed that the core of my problems started at certain issues that were brought with me from my childhood and teenage years. When I “woke up” from my crystal healing/ meditation, I had the most clarity and free mind that I ever had. For the first time in my life I could think clearly and it was like all the dust on my life path had settled down. I had let go of the extreme hurt and fear that took up residence in my soul and haunted me for years, along with the sadness that had accompanied me for so long. I can never thank Dyan enough for opening the door to my spiritual healing through crystal cleansing and meditation.”  

~ Meloney


Dyan’s pewter work is original and beautiful. Each piece is made with care and passion, easily visible in the incredible detail and individual symbology she puts into each piece. Dyan is a true artist and someone who loves what she does

~ Sally Rossiter 


“For me a massage with D is not just a muscular treatment but much more, it is therapy for the soul.  D exudes a calm energy and a feeling of wellness that is completely infectious.  I often jest and say to her that she must be completely drained when I leave as I truly feel like I go there as a “flat battery” and leave there completely “recharged” full of that wonderful “calm-wellness”.  I don’t know how else to express in words the holistic treatment I receive from D.  I arrive tired, stressed, stiff and muscle sore and leave completely relaxed and comforted both physically and mentally I call it “warm and fuzzy inside”.  D’s massage table is my happy place and 1 hour is never enough, my standard appointment is for 2 hours minimum.” 

~ Laura

A Little About Dyan

“This is a soul of the greatest integrity.  One can be exactly onself with no fear of judgement but a complete acceptance of yourself as you are.  A thirst for new knowledge, an impish sense of humour and a calmness of spirit are the Dyan I now know.  I have seen her growth over many years and she has faced each and every situation with courage and face on, never flinching.  I was blessed the day Dyan walked into my life.” 

~ Penny

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Modalities: Andean Shamanic Practices, Reiki Master & Practitioner, Metaphysics, Crystal Healing.

Email: dyanwallace@hotmail.com 

Cell 083-640-6127


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