Leachate, Worm Wee

Leachate, Worm Wee can contain phytotoxins which can harm plants and humans. Some of these toxins are created by bacteria, and every worm bin has good and bad microbes, so itís important that the good outnumber the bad. Leachate is harmful because it has not been processed by the worms and gone through their intestinal tract.

During the decomposition of food matter in the worm farm, this waste process releases liquid from the cell structure. This liquid or leachate seeps down through the worm farm into a collection area, and should be drained regularly.

Leachate (Worm Wee) is not without its value and is extolled by many, and should be treated before using in a garden as liquid fertiliser, as it does have many beneficial microorganisms.

Dilute it ten parts water to one part leachate (10:1).

Always use only dechlorinated water, rainwater, pond or distilled water.

Do not use water from the tap with its many chemicals, use either boiled water that has been cooled, or leave tap water to stand for 24 hours before adding Leachate.

Aerate it with an air pump if available or stir for at least five minutes in alternating directions.

Use it outdoors on shrubs, ornamentals or flowering plants only. DO NOT use on plants you intend to eat..

Our Worm Dry Fertilizer is dried worm castings (vermicompost).

Vermicomposting reduces the production of harmful methane and CO2 gases. These greenhouse gases are produced in small amounts when organic waste is recycled on properly managed compost heaps and in large amounts when organic materials are thrown and buried on landfills.

Worm castings, are a great fertilizer and can be used immediately as an organic plant food. Most other compost needs many years to mature and dry before it should be used as a fertilizer.

Worm castings are a slow release organic plant food, and will give nutrients to plants for up to 6 months. Itís a great soil conditioner and can be used to make worm tea, and added to compost heaps for increased benefits.

Both worm tea and worm castings are a natural pesticide and will protect plants and aid in growing more organically..

Available Wriggler Garden Wonder:

Worm Tea in 1, 2 and 5 litre bottles

Leachate Ė Worm Wee diluted in 1, 2 and 5 litre bottles

Worm Castings ~ Worm Dry Fertilizer in little 30gram tubs

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