Orchid Essences

Penny with her usual enthusiasm for life and learning has discovered joy in the Orchid Flower Essences, while exploring for her own personal use and benefit. Having established their benefits first hand, she now wants to share this learning and knowledge, and to enhance her healing therapies.

Essence is the natural essential ingredients obtained from an Orchid by distillation to infuse the oils with the characteristic properties of the Orchid Essence in concentrated form. Essences are powerful aids to support your inner growth and healing.

The active element in an “essence” is the etheric energy of the plant.  Based upon the 80 year tradition of the remedies of Dr Edward Bach, flower essences contain no trace of plant material, other than the cognac that is used purely as a preservative.

One distinguishing feature of orchid essences in general is their ability to act upon the chakras which exist above our body. This combines with their action in the body to create very powerful shifts in our energy fields, often with very immediate effect. They also have an overall strong focus on helping us directly in relation to our spiritual path.

These essences are the perfect complement to any meditation practice, and to any practitioner involved with healing modalities.  They are new to South Africa, origin of Scotland.  www.healingorchids.com

There are 6 categories for focused healing: Emotional/Heart, Physical, Sensual/Sexual, Spiritual, Protection, and Mental.

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