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There are so many products available for your garden, not all of them are healthy or even organic, which is necessary for your fruit and edible plants and especially for the veggie garden. And there is much contradicting information especially on the internet about ‘worm tea’ …what it actually is, and what the benefits are.

More and more gardeners, veggie growing enthusiasts and even farmers, are discovering the benefits of using ‘worm tea’ and learning about the amazing benefits of this wonderful organic plant food. Shrubs and trees, flowers and seedlings and especially lawns and veggie plants will benefit from even sporadic spraying and application of this natural wonder, which is a rich organic fertilizer benefiting even the soil.

Worm Tea is not Leachate… the liquid run off (or seepage or what is sometimes called ‘worm wee’) that settles in the vermicompost or worm castings…. or that runs out the tap or through the holes at the bottom of the worm farm.

Worm Tea as suggested by the word ‘tea’ …is produced when the worm castings are mixed with water (not from the tap) and ‘brewed’ (just like tea) for 24 hours. Some growers add molasses to the water and worm castings, as the molasses serves as a food source for the ‘good’ microorganisms that are part of the worm castings… the brewing process is necessary to increase the beneficial microorganisms.

Worm castings, also known as vermicompost is probably the best organic plant food available, and a hugely beneficial soil conditioner and improver.

In simple terms, vermicompost is actually just worm poop.

Red wrigglers, are compost worms that move through their worm home (or worm bin) and consume up to half their body weight of organic matter in a day, that they digest and then usually deposit (castings) on top of their bedding.

During the digestion process they enrich the castings with calcium, magnesium, phosphates and nitrogen. Hugely beneficial for all gardens and really good stuff for the soil.

Red wrigglers, are super composters, as they add up to 20 times more beneficial microorganisms to the vermicompost than the organic matter they consume or that would land on a garden compost heap.

Please don’t be confused by Worm Tea which is a Garden Wonder and Worm Wee.

Leachate (Worm Wee) is not without its value and is extolled by many, and should be treated before using in a garden as liquid fertiliser, as it does have many beneficial microorganisms.
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Available Wriggler Garden Wonder:

Worm Tea in 1, 2 and 5 litre bottles

Leachate – Worm Wee diluted in 1, 2 and 5 litre bottles Read More

Worm Castings ~ Worm Dry Fertilizer in little 30gram tubs

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